The new revolution in cable management!

Charge Boom

As car and EV enthusiast we notice some shortcomings when we took the leap into a fully electrified life. The first thing we noticed was the apparent safety issue with running charging cables on the ground. Clearly there had to be a better way. Frustrated with the lack of selection for cable management solutions offered in the market we decided to come up with our own. Thus was born ChargeBoom. Our approach was simple; find an out of the box solution with ridiculously good build quality to last a lifetime*


There is no hiding it, the future is electric. Governments around the globe are outlawing the sale and production of combustion engine vehicles. Our aerial booms are made with only the best industry grade stainless steel, hardware and accessories to ensure a long lifecycle. That means our products will be around from your first electric vehicle to the last!



It’s simple, our booms can be installed almost anywhere. Cables can be back fed or surface mounted; it’s really up to you.

Please make sure not to void any manufacturer’s warranties in the process.